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Service Boat and technique Contacts
Surveyor Services with excellent expertice - worldwide in German and English
Expert services
  • Evaluation & damage reports
  • Purchase report, valuation & sales exposé
  • Specific reports (e.g. rig, osmosis, corrosion)
  • Proof of ability to swim
  • Confirmation of seaworthiness (Switzerland)
  • Shipyard support & shipyard & dealer acceptance
  • Test drive & test sail
Technology in use
  • Thermographic measurement and recording
  • Moisture measurement GRP & wood
  • Measurement of material thickness aluminum & steel
  • Endoscopy for visual inspection & recording
  • Photo and video documentation
  • Hull potential measurement for fault current detection
  • Electrical engineering measurement

A boat is evaluated in three steps:

  • Examination of all boat documents
  • Assess the condition of the boat and equipment with 250 checkpoints
  • Recognized and transparent valuation by insurance companies

  • YACHTGUTACHTEN.EU guarantees excellent professionalism, neutrality and factual presentation.
  • After a thorough recording of the actual situation of a claim, events are reconstructed and evaluated using outstanding analytics. If necessary, access is provided to a network of qualified experts with a high degree of spezialization in the field.
  • Each report is subject to strict requirements with a specially developed structure and method. This standard guarantees the recognition of insurance companies and lawyers.
Fees for engineering services
  • First discussion of the initial situation and objectives is free of charge
  • My fee for my engineering services is 100 euros per hour
  • Billing takes place every 15 minutes
  • Expenses are made up of my receipts
  • Project or fixed price on request
  • Transparency of the budget at all times


Service Boat and technique Contacts

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