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Exzellenz in Yacht Consulting


Boote und Technik

Sachverständiger für Boote
Dipl. Ing. Frank Reinecke


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Surveyor services worldwide in German and English
Surveyor services
insurance approved
  • Valuation survey
  • Damage survey
  • Proof of ability to swim
  • Confirmation of seaworthiness (Switzerland)
  • Specific reports:
    • Rig controll & report
    • Osmosis testing on GRP
    • Corrosion test for aluminum & steel
    • Control of the electrical installation
    • Diesel fuel tank check
Project & consulting services
  • Requirements analysis & purchase advice
  • Checklist & condition report
  • Checkout process & negotiation
  • Registration & insurance
  • Value determination & sales exposé
  • Technical & conceptual advice
  • New construction or repair support & control
  • Shipyard or dealer approvals
  • Instruction in operation and maintenance

Fees for engineering services
  • First discussion of the initial situation and objectives is free of charge
  • My fee for my engineering services is 80 euros per hour
  • Billing takes place every 15 minutes = 20 euros
  • Project or fixed price on request
  • Expenses are made up of my receipts
  • Transparency of the budget at all times

Examples of expenses for selected services
  • Valuation appraisal 1 hour per linear meter for monohull boats; from 800 Euro and includes an insurance-approved method for evaluating boats
  • Rig report 3 hours control plus 2 hours preparation of test report; The control is carried out from the hull structure to the chain plate to the top of the mast
  • Rig trim for a mast with 2 pairs of spreaders app. 3 hours; new standing rigging (< 5 years) is trimmed using the ruler method
  • Diesel tank check 1 hour plus 1 hour preparation of test report (optional); controlled by visual inspection and endoscopy
  • Workshop - individual energy management concept max. 4 hours
  • Workshop - individual concept for navigation and communication, max. 4 hours
  • Creation of a sales exposé max. 2 hours
Selected services also possible as a remote service

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