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Service Boat and technique Contacts

Education and certificate

Vocational training as an electronics technician

Degree in electrical engineering and computer science. 

1997 Diploma thesis at the Humboldt University of Berlin
Graduated as a graduate engineer
Electronic management of sailing yachts pdf

2016 Certified Global Negotiator University of St. Gallen

2019 Qualification as "expert for pleasure craft"

2019 Certificate of passing the exam to become an expert for boats

2021-23 Certification 
as an expert for boats 

Recertification as an expert for boats valid until April 19, 2025

2024 Membership American Boat & Yacht Council

Nautical CV

1987 First experiences on a 470 sailing dinghy

Owner of the 420 sailing dinghy

Owner of the "15" dinghy cruiser

Owner sailing vessel Ecume de Mer

2004-08 Owner Finn-Dinghy

since 1994 
Sailing experience on over 30 vessels

since 2016 Owner Bavaria 47 Ocean (SV Manatee)

since 2020 long term sailing on the SV Manatee

since 2020 expert for boats

since 2021 podcast chanel "Boote und Technik"

since 2022 YouTube chanel: "Boote und Technik"

since 2022 Author at the "Yacht"
              Yacht 18/2022 Elektrisch Kochen an Bord
              Yacht 04/2023 Rigg Check
              Yacht 11/2024 Ankergeschirr

                                   Member                                                   Stempel                    


Service Boat and technique Contacts

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